Release date: 19 June 2014
Developers: Kerry Turner and Dan Bibby
Platforms: PC and Mac
Price: free
Available from: heartwoodgame.com


Heartwood is a short, dreamlike adventure with an eerie, beautiful soundtrack. Using first-person controls, the player explores a mysterious forest.

Heartwood was created by Kerry Turner and Dan Bibby. We have worked in and around Brighton’s games industry for several years, including roles at Littleloud, Futurlab and Mediatonic. Heartwood is our first collaboration.

Heartwood was inspired by games, dreams, folk tales, theme park rides, horror movies, installation art and actual forests.

Kerry designed and programmed Heartwood. Originally conceived as a puzzle game, Heartwood blossomed into a shorter, stranger experience as she began to explore ideas around curiosity, linearity and a sense of place.

Dan composed the soundtrack, and performed it with his band Cicada Skins. The soundtrack features vocals by Delphine Ciampi.

Heartwood is free to download for PC and Mac.




“Wonderfully evocative” – Rock Paper Shotgun
“Disturbingly beautiful” – Super Level
“Creepy, audio-visually beautiful” – IndieGames.com
“Indie game of the week” – Look At Me


Design/Programming: Kerry Turner
Audio: Dan Bibby/Cicada Skins
Additional Graphic Design: Alice Parsons